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  RTA Vanpool

VanStar RTA works with regional rideshare partners to manage a fleet of commuter vanpools throughout Middle Tennessee. Twelve-, 14- and 15-passenger vans carry riders between Park & Ride lots in their neighborhoods and their workplace. Convenient Park & Ride lots are located throughout the region. Riders pay a low monthly fare and save on gas, parking, and the wear-and-tear of their cars. A van driver, in exchange for driving and keeping simple records on the van's performance, commutes for free.

As a regular vanpooler, you qualify for the Emergency Ride Home program, which gets you home in an emergency, illness or have to work late unexpectedly.

For more information on finding an existing vanpool or starting a new vanpool from your area, call (615) 862-8833 or complete our online Rideshare Match Request form.

Additional Regional Vanpool Programs
Other vanpool programs you might be interested in researching include
*The TMA Group — Franklin, TN (615) 790-4005

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